Disturbances on Union Street ahead of game

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Three people were arrested during distrubances in the Union Street and Millennium Way areas of Lurgan ahead of the match between Cliftonville and Glenavon today (Saturday).

The trouble was reported as Cliftoville fans were being escorted to Mourneview Park.

Local councillor Carla Lockhart described the disturbances as ‘riots’ and questioned police logic in bringing the fans along Union Street.

Cllr Lockhart said: “I have been out on the ground with the PSNI during the disturbances and issues whilst people were travelling to the Glenavon v Cliftonville match at Mourneview Park.

“Innocent people were caught up in these riots and we are very fortunate there was no one seriously injured!”

She went on: “I contacted the PSNI this morning to ensure that there was adequate resources to deal with potential problems and that the planned route for supporters walking from the trains to the match was not the same as last year (Union Street)!

“Well lo and behold Union Street ended up the route and that’s where the fight broke out.

“The PSNI definitely had enough resources but I would question their logic in the Union Street usage as oppose to Shankill and Sloan Street.

“I have just met with one of the police inspectors and have advised that the route home should be Sloan Street and Shankill Estate or Edward Street. Common sense policing needed to try and keep a handle on these situations.”

She said the average age of those involved looked about 14 adding: “Shocking but not unexpected behaviour!”

A police spokesman confirmed there had been distrubances in the area saying there had been three arrests. Two people were later released and one taken into custody.