Dog injured as owner fights off Alsatian

Copper recovers at home with owner Dougie Liggett.  INPT4914-411
Copper recovers at home with owner Dougie Liggett. INPT4914-411

A man had to “violently fight” for several minutes to rescue his dog after it was attacked by a German Shepherd in Bachelors Walk on Friday night.

Dougie Liggett was taking Copper, his cross-bred labrador, for her nightly walk when the incident occurred.

The five-year-old dog sustained three bites to her back and had to have staples inserted.

Her owner escaped with just a bruised thumb but said he had been “physically shaken” by the incident.

Mr Liggett, who has owned Copper since she was a pup, said the German Shepherd was running loose and did not appear to be with an owner.

He said, “We were walking down the cycle path at about 8pm when I noticed the dog. It came running straight toward us and started to attack my dog. It had her by the back and she was yelping and squealing.

“I was on my knees trying to get it off. I have never hurt a dog in my life but I was having to punch and jump on this dog.

“It wouldn’t let go for three or four minutes. When it did, it looked at me and I thought it was going to attack again, but then it just ran off.”

Copper was treated at the vet’s and Mr Liggett reported the incident to the police and the dog warden.

He said, “I didn’t recognise the dog but I am scared of bumping into it again.”

A Craigavon Borough Council spokesperson said the dog warden is trying to trace the dog and Edenvilla Park staff have been notified should it return to the area. Anyone who sees a stray dog can report it on 028 3831 2523 or 028 3831 2400.

She pointed out that it is an offence for a dog to stray and for any dog to attack and/or injure any other animal owned by another person, with the council able to use a range of enforcement powers.