Dog poo bins overflowing

Dog poo bins overflowng
Dog poo bins overflowng

Dog owners have ‘poo-pooed’ the local council for failing to empty overflowing dog bins.

One local resident showcased an overflowing bin, bursting with bags of dog faeces on social media.

And she called for action from Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Council as well as the Department of Infrastructure and private developers.

Speaking on Facebook, Eimear Murray said all should be accountable.

“This is what matters to the community, keeping the area tidy and if one of us dropped litter and were to leave dog crap lying about we would be fined.

“Neighbours recently paid a local gardener to cut grass where I live. I did not give money towards this because I already pay rates for this.

“Oh and here is a picture. I could send a picture everyday of these bins not being emptied in the area,” said Eimear.

Sinn Fein Cllr Liam Mackle said: “It’s important that everyone, Council included, plays their part in keeping our towns, villages and countryside clean. If anyone comes across an incident where bins haven’t been emptied then they should report this to council.

“Irresponsible dog owners who do not dispose of their dog poo should have no excuse,” said the Sinn Fein councillor.

“I myself recently got action to put new bins on Lake Street. A clean and tidy borough is a borough we can all be proud of and a borough that will attract investment,” said Cllr Mackle.

A Council spokesperson said: “Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council is happy to see the dog bins within the area being used so well and would call on members of the public to help keep us informed if extra collections may be needed in some areas.

“Council collects all dog and street bins on a fixed schedule which is coordinated through a centralised system. Dog bins are emptied on a weekly schedule, however this schedule is flexible and is adjusted when required to try to ensure dog bins are not overflowing.

“Council relies on reports from our crews as well as local community groups and members of the public to keep us up-to-date on any bins where an extra collection may be needed and therefore help improve our service provision.

“Please call Carn on 028 3833 9031 or email to report any issues.”