Driver on 11 points after sixth no insurance offence


A 31-year-old man will have to be ‘the driver of the year’ for the next three years after his points total was raised to 11 last Wednesday at Craigavon Court.

Darren Rolston, Dungannon Road, Portadown, was fined £300 and given eight points for driving without insurance on May 2 last year. He was fined £150 for no driving licence.

He was stopped at a vehicle checkpoint while driving a van at 9.15am on the Northway.

He had been previously been disqualified from driving and although he had sent off the documents for a new licence he had not received it.

Defence Mr Richard Monteith said his client had sent off for his licence and he thought he had a valid licence. He added that Rolston would have been covered if he had a licence.

Mr Monteith said the defendant’s driving record was not his best feature and this was his sixth no insurance conviction.

He explained that Rolston was trying to get his life in order. He was working as a sand blaster and was thinking of setting up his own business.

Mr Monteith added that the defendant had three points on his licence and if he were to get even six points on his licence he would have to be “the driver of the year for the next three years which would certainly challenge him”.

District Judge, Mr Mervyn Bates, said he would give Rolston the chance to keep his licence.