Drugs and fights lead to a life with Christ

Ken and Alison Davidson
Ken and Alison Davidson

Drugs, parties, fights and a near death experience. Not the normal topics in a book on religion, however, this is no ordinary publication.

It is the extra-ordinary journey of Pastor Ken Davidson and his wife Alison(pictured) as they found their way to God.

Christ Encounters Tabernacle in Gilford is expected to be packed on Saturday, November 18, as Ken and Alison release their first book, ‘Finding God’s Path in a Dark Season’.

The book, which is full of their individual stories of how they met, includes details about their marriage, their ministry and information about the launch of ‘Christ Encounters’.

One reviewer said: “It also shares with us valuable insight about how the reader can find God’s path in that dark season, as they did in theirs.

Pastor James McConnell, who led Ken to Christ, is close to the couple and has been their mentor throughout their Christian journey.

He said: “This is a powerful story of how God can take a young man bound by sin, steeped in drugs trying to ease the frustrations of life, and make him into a child of God and then make him into a Servant of God.”

The publisher Maurice Wylie Media (MWM) who published the successful, ‘The Good, The Bad & Jesus Christ’ book by Pastor James McConnell last year said: “At MWM we are not about publishing a book, as many can do that.

“Our calling is to create a book that helps people draw closer to God and be changed in Him.

“As our team sat with Ken and Alison, it was easy to see how God had brought these two people out of drugs, parties, fights and a near death experience, to an anointed ministry. There is no doubt in our mind, this is a life-changing book for any reader.”

The evening will entail: an interview with Ken and Alison, led by John Broderick from UCB Ireland; anointed singing by Mark and Maria Gilpin; and praise which will be led by Christ Encounters Tabernacle worship team.

The event starts at 7.30pm, with tea and light refreshments served afterwards. Signed books on the night can be purchased for £9.99 each or to pre-order you can purchase online at www.ChristEncounters.org. ‘Finding God’s Path in a Dark Season’ will be available in all bookshops after the launch date 18th November.