Drunk man caused traffic jam in town centre


After he was refused admission onto a bus because he was intoxicated a 39-year-old man caused a traffic jam in Portadown town centre by standing in front of the bus.

Martin James Faulkner, Twinem Court, admitted a charge of disorderly behaviour when he appeared last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

The court heard that on December 27 last year police were called to a store at Market Street in Portadown where a customer had been abusive to staff.

The man left once he heard that police had been called but they received a call that a person matching the defendant’s description was standing at a bus stop in High Street.

They went to speak to him but could not get up the street because of a traffic jam of around six to eight cars with a bus at the head of them.

The defendant was standing in the middle of the road, using foul language and waving his arms, holding up traffic. He was told to get off the road and did so.

Faulkner was annoyed because the bus driver refused to let him on the bus as he was intoxicated. He felt he had been wronged by the bus driver.

A solicitor representing the defendant said he took exception that he was refused admission to the bus.

He added that Faulkner realised his behaviour was unacceptable on this occasion.

Deputy District Judge, Mr Sean O’Hare, said that the last time Faulkner was in court he was given a prison sentence although this was linked with road traffic offences.

He felt that a report was necessary and adjourned sentencing until February 18 for a pre-sentence report.