Dangerous parking ‘putting pupils at risk’

Parking problems at Millington Primary School
Parking problems at Millington Primary School

A parent at Millington Primary has urged drivers doing school pick-ups there to think about where they are parking, as youngster’s lives are being put at risk.

Sam Preston said parking congestion at the school has been an ongoing problem, but felt he had to speak out after witnessing vehicles parked on the pavement causing a complete obstruction and a danger to people forced out onto the road to get past.

“How are parents with prams or even pedestrians meant to use this walkway?” he asked, sharing his photo with the Portadown Times.

“The parking has got beyond a joke,” he continued. “Something needs done before a child gets knocked down.

“Some days there will be a police presence and cars will be moved on, but that doesn’t last once the police have gone again. Even when cones are put out, people will move them and park there anyway.

“I’ve also seen cars parked on corners and people parking dangerously because they don’t want to walk too far.”

School principal Heather Murray reiterated that safety of children is always paramount, “This is an ongoing problem which Councillors, Roads Service, PSNI, Education Authority and DE have been grappling with.

“We have had numerous meetings and a one way system has been suggested by residents but so far has not come to fruition. We continually send out letters to parents and carers asking for their help and cooperation. Good manners and care and consideration for others go a long way.

“We are in the middle of major building works and a joint community project which is very innovative, working in partnership with YMCA to improve traffic management in the immediate area.

“This will take cars from the streets into the school to drop off children and will benefit residents hugely. This will hopefully be in operation before the end of this year. This problem is typical to many schools. Hopefully the new traffic laws will mean PSNI take a harsher line.”