Markethill man Phillip joined Enable NI and never looked back

Phillip Menary
Phillip Menary

Markethill man Phillip Menary (20) joined the Enable NI, a Big Lottery funded project ‘We Are Incredable,’ in September and has never looked back.

Phillip’s mother Barbara, was worried when her son who has complex learning and health issues, left school. She feared for his future as the only option, she believed, was open to him was daily respite care.

“I went along to take a look at it and straight away, said it wasn’t for him,” said Barbara. “Phillip loves the outdoors and I wouldn’t send him somewhere he wasn’t happy.

“We spent most of the summer weighing up our options and doing research and it got to one point, I actually thought I would have to set up something myself.”

She spoke to someone at Phillip’s youth club who told her about Enable NI.

“One of the project’s co-ordinators, was able to advise me about Enable that would provide Phillip with an individual service which would also allow him to participate in group outings,” continued Barbara.

The five-year ‘We Are Incredable’ project, received £551,179 from the Big Lottery Fund’s Empowering Young people grant, enabling it to provide opportunities for young people with learning disabilities who are leaving, or about to leave school, in the 18-25 age group.

“Enable NI have been fantastic,” added Barbara. “They are totally clued in to everything Phillip needs. They have lots of staff and plenty of backup. They are able to offer children like Phillip good care and a quality of life.

“Phillip still has a lot of growing and learning to do as a person and I hope thatEnable will continue to provide him with opportunities.

“He comes home and tells you everything he’s been doing and where he has been. He looks forward to the next day because he knows he is going to do something he enjoys.

“He looks forward to the next day because he knows he is going to do something he enjoys and he is so much happier..

Enable NI

Enable is a local voluntary organisation that promotes meaningful opportunity for people with a learning/ intellectual disability and / or autism across the geographical boundaries of the Southern Health and Social Care Trust.

They offer a wide range of projects and services for people with a learning disability and or autism; promoting social, recreational and educational opportunities.

They believe that everyone is an individual and has the right to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. the key objective is to improve the quality of life of individuals with a learning disability and or autism, supporting them to participate in the community in a normal manner.