‘Outstanding’ school launches development plan

Markethill High School principal James Maxwell
Markethill High School principal James Maxwell

Markethill High School is putting the final touches on its new three year vision, which will be launched in September.

The ‘School Development Plan 2015-2018’ will feature the results of an independent survey carried out by GL Assessment. The objective and anonymous survey was conducted on parents and pupils as a means of consultation within the plan.

Principal James Maxwell, who commissioned the assessment, said the GL Assessment results reveal that parents and pupils overwhelmingly rate the school as ‘outstanding’: “Parents and pupils completed their online or hard copy questionnaires, which were then sent to England for analysis. Of the 38 criteria, parents ranked 36 as ‘outstanding’, with the remaining 2 criteria being ranked ‘very good.’ The strongest levels of satisfaction for parents are revealed to be in learning and teaching, school discipline, exam results, development of moral values, school communication with parents, and levels of homework.”

The school’s exam results were also ranked as ‘outstanding’, which is yet again reflected in last week’s GCSE results.

The parents’ questionnaire also revealed that over 90 per cent of new Year 8 parents indicated that the school had either met or exceeded expectations, with a significcant 40 per cent of parents indicating that the school had exceeded expectations.

Mr Maxwell added, “Pupils have also given their suggestions for new activities and clubs at lunchtime and after-school, as well as for the development of healthy eating at lunchtime. The feedback from parents and pupils has helped the school identify its priorities for the next three years - a plan which will keep students firmly at the centre of all initiatives.

“Parents and pupils also identified the obvious need for a new school build and a Sixth Form. This is now long overdue and I would urge the Education Authority to publish the two Development Proposals the school has put on the table. The children from Markethill and extended rural communities deserve nothing but the best in terms of educational facilities and resources. Now is the time for the Education Authority to recognise and reward the strong achievements of this successful, sustainable and growing school.”