Energy session in Richhill next week

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Homeowners and business people in the Richhill area, who are interested in connecting their property to natural gas, are invited to attend a firmus energy information session next week.

It will be held in the Recreation Centre, New Line on Thursday, September 10 between 4 and 8.30pm.

Paul Stanfield, sales and marketing director at firmus energy, explained, “We started working in the area at the end of April and since then we have had a huge amount of interest in natural gas with people keen to find out more about the many advantages natural gas offers to homes and businesses.

“This session provides the perfect opportunity for people to call in, talk to us directly and to find out about whatever they would like to know. To date we have successfully brought natural gas to many towns and cities, and in the process have connected over 25,000 customers to our own Ten Towns network and currently supply natural gas to around 76,000 homes and businesses across Northern Ireland.

“Natural gas is piped safely and directly into your property so there are no worries about running out, remembering to re-order, spillages or fuel theft. New natural gas boilers are highly efficient and your heating and hot water can operate independently from each other. With a combi boiler you simply heat your water as you use it, so it’s always available and you don’t have the expense of heating a large hot water tank. Add cooking and tumble drying using natural gas and you’ll see savings compared to doing the same with electricity. And there are environmental benefits too as natural gas produces less carbon emissions than other fossil fuels.”

Firmus energy will be taking a stand at the Richhill fete on Saturday, Septmeber 12.

“Members of our team will be on hand to talk to anyone interested in finding out more information,” added Mr Stanfield.