Approval for changes to ‘archaic’ Kernan facilities

Councillor Margaret Tinsley with David Simpson at Kernan.
Councillor Margaret Tinsley with David Simpson at Kernan.
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  • Green light for changes
  • ABC Council back modular plans
  • Three-pronged approach from DUP

New modular changing for Kernan Playing Fields have been approved by the ABC Council.

In a statement, the council confirmed approval had been given for improvements at Kernan and Lord Lurgan Park.

ABC council has approved new modular changing for Kernan and Lord Lurgan Park

ABC Council statement

“ABC council has approved new modular changing for Kernan and Lord Lurgan Park and also a master-planning exercise is under way for Edenvilla Park which will determine the needs of the local community should future funding become available,” it said.

Councillors Margaret Tinsley and Robert Smith had previously lobbied to bring forward a feasibility study for additional play facilities at Kernan.

“This is a three-pronged approach from the DUP concerning regeneration of parks and leisure facilities,” explained Mrs Tinsley.

“We have, over the past number of months, been working within Kernan to secure funding for the regeneration of their changing facilities. The current provision is archaic and not fit for purpose.

“We have successfully garnered the support for complete refurbishment of the changing facilities from within the Craigavon Council, and approval was given just last week by the ABC Council.

“What we, as a party, are endeavouring to do is bring about regeneration and the only way to do this is by planning for the future and looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the existing model and how things could be done better to improve facilities for the ratepayer. I will be continuing to work alongside my colleagues in delivering real change.”

Mrs Tinsley is hoping a children’s play park will also be provided at Kernan.

“Given the significant development set for the area, the need is great for a play park.

“That’s why the DUP pushed hard for a feasibility study which will look at the demographics of the area, the possible site locations, and will leave the council at a state of readiness to build a play park - should money become available.

“I am delighted to have the support of our MP.”