Council apology as blue bins vanish

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Residents of Killicomaine were in for a bit of a surprise this morning (Tuesday) when they went to bring in their blue bins, only to find they had disappeared.

The bins in question were the smaller, 120 litre ones which are often used by elderly people as they are more manageable to manoeuvre.

One resident said two women had bought their bins themselves. “People were looking everywhere. They didn’t know what was going on,” she said.

She claimed the bins were lifted by the council refuse staff and destroyed after being thrown into the back of the bin lorry.

The woman, who phoned the council on her neighbours’ behalf, said she was told the council was issuing bigger bins - something she said residents didn’t want.

A council spokesperson said, “We want to apologise to these residents for any inconvenience caused as the removal of their small 120 litre bin was our mistake.

“This small number of removed bins in the Killicomaine area will be replaced in the next few days by a more appropriate modern 140 litre bin.”