Problem river set to be ‘piped’

MLA Carla Lockhart at Carrick Drive Lurgan
MLA Carla Lockhart at Carrick Drive Lurgan

After years of suffering repeated flooding, a Lurgan housing development is to get relief as NI Water plan to ‘pipe’ the nearby river.

Residents of Carrick Drive had to contend with flooding as well as vermin such as rats due to this problem waterway.

Also it attracted youths gathering to drink and take drugs.

DUP MLA Carla Lockhart welcomed confirmation that the river running through Carrick Drive will have measures put in place to stop it flooding.

She said: “On a number of occasions the river has flooded causing problems for residents and has been plagued by vermin and youths gathering in the vicinity.

“Now NI Water have confirmed they will be piping it to stop this reoccurring,” she said.

Mrs Lockhart added: “This is very good news and will be welcomed by all the residents of the area.

“This has been a problem and I thank both NI Water and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive for their assistance with this project.

“It is anticipated that work will begin in December 2017,” said Mrs Lockhart.

“I have been lobbying on this for 8 years and it is good to see this have a positive result,” she said.

“Persistence does pay and I take satisfaction in delivering for my constituents.

“This is overdue and will make a huge difference in the lives of people living here,” she said.