Safety concerns at state of land amid ‘blame game’ over ownership

Attempts to deal with safety concerns over land close to a play school are being thwarted over a ‘blame game’ of ownership.

Monday, 22nd July 2019, 1:44 pm
SDLP Cllr Thomas Larkham at an overgrown area close to a play school and youth club in Craigavon

SDLP Craigavon Councillor Thomas Larkham voiced concerns for the safety of children and parents over the land in the Tullygally area of Brownlow.

“I have been contacted by several concerned parents and leaders of both the Play School and Youth Club about the current overgrown state of the land at the side of their premises in Tullygally - which is causing an obstruction to traffic and pedestrians and ultimately is a serious safety concern.

“There are a number of large overgrown trees and grass area to the point where anyone walking to the youth club or playgroup cannot be seen by oncoming traffic and I am very fearful that if no action is taken sooner rather than later- this could end in tragedy”.

Overgrown area near a play school and youth club in Tullygally, Craigavon

“I have made enquiries with two potential owners to request urgent maintenance works to be carried out only to be told by one: ‘they feel this was sold off some time ago’ and ‘sorry they can’t be of any assistance in this matter”.

“This appears to be common practice in Brownlow specifically relating to land ownership. It is very frustrating when you are trying you best to protect the safety of all residents within the local community and valuable time is wasted tracking down potential owners instead of dealing with the issue.

“This land has been neglected by the owner for quite some time and I will continue in my quest to have them identified and held responsible for maintaining this land for the safety of all.”