Family want police to face prosecution

Eamon Fox
Eamon Fox

The son of Maghery man Eamon Fox who, with workmate Gary Convie, was murdered by loyalist terrorists 21 years ago says police officers should be prosecuted in connection with the killings.

Kieran Fox is angry no one has been brought to justice for his father’s murder but he also told BBC’s Spotlight programme that former police should be brought before the courts.

Mr Fox said, “I just want it to end, just draw a line under it. All we basically want is justice - the truth to be told.”

Former Special Branch agent handlers were questioned in October about allegations made by a former UVF commander and police informer, Gary Haggarty.

The Police Ombudsman has confirmed that a file is to be sent to the DPP to determine if two former police officers should be charged for a number of crimes including conspiracy to murder.

Dr Michael Maguire is to write to the DPP Barra McGrory, QC, in relation to how the agent handlers dealt with loyalist ‘supergrass’ Haggarty.

Haggarty is charged with 212 offences, including five murders. Five years ago he agreed to give evidence against his former UVF colleagues and former police handlers.

Before he can give such evidence Haggarty must first be tried for all these alleged offences for which, if convicted, he would be expected to serve a much reduced sentence, possibly around three years.

Kieran spoke to the programme about his father’s death, “It was a sad day. It was a massive funeral. I was 18, it was two weeks before my 19th birthday. He was killed on a Tuesday, buried on the Thursday and my younger sister made her first Holy Communion on the Saturday.”

A third man who survived the shooting in which Mr Fox and Mr Convie died also spoke anonymously to the programme. The last thing he remembers is sitting with Eamon and Gary and starting to eat his lunch. “I go to bed every night and the last thing I see at night is the two fellas lying dying,” he said.

Victims’ families believe that at Haggarty’s trial former police officers also need to appear in the dock. Kieran said, “The Special Branch handlers in the background who kept stum and said nothing. It’s them guys I want to see prosecuted.”