Fear as tree falls on roof

The tree took down guttering and roof tiles. INPT03-010
The tree took down guttering and roof tiles. INPT03-010

A Portadown couple are living in dread after one of the tall trees behind their house crashed onto the roof, tearing off tiles and guttering.

Shirley Woods and husband Billy woke on Saturday morning to a scene of destruction in the back garden of their house at Ramone Park.

Now they are worried that an adjacent tree in the laneway behind their home - confirmed as diseased by a tree surgeon - could topple at any time.

The laneway, situated between the backs of houses in Ramone and Upper Church Lane, is also used by members of the public, sparking safety fears for them as well.

The trees have been a cause for concern for some years now, with the main problem being that no-one knows who is responsible for them. Both the DRD and the council say the trees are not theirs.

Said Mrs Woods, “I was in shock when I opened the blinds and saw the tree on my roof. I don’t usually sleep well since my son David died last year, but my husband and I had just got back from Dublin and we were tired.

“It’s just as well we have insurance as the roof has been damaged, and up to 50 tiles have come off, as well as the guttering. The fascia board is also damaged as is the back fence.

“My husband, who is 67, had to get up on the roof and cover it with a tarpaulin as water had started to come in through part of the living room ceiling.”

On her insurance company’s advice, Mrs Woods phoned a tree surgeon, who said the adjacent tree is also diseased and dangerous.

She added, “I phoned the DUP six months ago about this. I don’t know what to do next.”