Fence call after park vandalised

Alderman Gareth Wilson holds part of the broken swing. INPT35-013
Alderman Gareth Wilson holds part of the broken swing. INPT35-013

There has been a call for fencing at Tandragee Recreation Centre’s play park after it was damaged by vandals last night (Monday).

A basket type swing was ruined after the culprits cut the nylon roping and parts of the special surface were also destroyed.

Cusher DUP representative Alderman Gareth Wilson said he had lost count of the number of times the play area had been targeted since it opened in 2009.

Alderman Wilson, who was contacted by a number of residents, said the park was also beset by problems of antisocial behaviour and drinking.

He said, “After inspection by officials the swing had to be removed and will need replaced. Sections of soft pore surfacing will also need repair.

“When the park was being designed I made my views clear that I felt a fence was required. However, this was deemed to be unnecessary by officials.

“To me it certainly is the case that a fence would protect the park and could be locked at night to avoid youths damaging the equipment.”

He said he had already been in contact with ABC Council officials to raise the need for fencing and CCTV which, he said, is needed to monitor the park and help staff keep an eye on the outlying parts.

He concluded, “I would call on those behind this antisocial behaviour to stop immediately. I will also be chatting again to police and I would urge people not to engage in this destructive behaviour.”