‘Fleet of foot’ public praised for their efforts during town centre chase

Police PSNI officer scene
Police PSNI officer scene

‘Fleet of foot’ members of the public have been thanked for their efforts during a police chase in Portadown town centre yesterday (Thursday. May 5) in which two shoplifting suspects were apprehended.

According to police the pair are suspected of 20 shoplifting incidents provincewide.

Posting on social media police said, “We want to say a MASSIVE thank you to the good folk of Portadown who got involved in, and helped finish, a foot chase of two shoplifting suspects through the town centre yesterday afternoon.

“What we thought may have been one incident lead to the arrest of a male and female for over 20, yes TWENTY different shop lifting incidents provincewide. Add onto that some bench warrants and they are going to have some tricky questions to answer!

“This pair may have thought they had the run of the country, but they more than met their match when they took on Portadown! Alert shop keepers, a quick police response and some ‘fleet of foot’ members of the public determined to not let them get away all added up to this pair not standing a chance of escape!

Portadown 2-0 shop lifters.

“Great work Portadown, keep ‘er lit!”