Former employee stole meat and Easter eggs from Asda


Just two days after he had stolen items from Asda in Portadown a former employee returned and stole again.

Ian Hanna (26), Ulsterville Park, Portadown, admitted the theft of meat valued at £89.75 from McGee’s butchers and three Easter eggs valued at £3 from Asda on April 2.

He also pleaded guilty to the theft of meat valued at £47.61 from McGee’s on April 4.

Defence said that on both occasions Hanna had taken alcohol and was also on tablets for depression.

He was fined £100 on each of the three charges and told to pay compensation of £140.3

On April 2 police received a report of the thefts they were told the person responsible was an ex-staff member.

On April 4 the same person took meat items and left without paying. He was identified as the defendant and arrested.