Free help with pensions

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Citizens Advice Craigavon are encouraging people to seek free guidance to make sure they understand their options regarding the recent pension changes.

The new pension freedoms, which were introduced in April, mean people over 55 who have a defined contribution pension can now take their pension savings as an annuity, cash or flexibly over time.

Jennifer Fearon, bureau manager, said, “Pension Wise helps people make sense of their pension options. In the last six months, we have had a range of different questions about the new freedoms, from cashing in 25 per cent of a pension pot tax-free to how a decision might affect any benefits already received.

“Pensions can be confusing. The Pension Wise services offer people an opportunity to seek guidance to understand their options before they make any final decisions.”

To book an appointment, call into the Portadown or Lurgan offices or book a free guidance session by telephoning 028 3833 3571.

Alternatively, visit the Pension Wise website at