General Election 2017: Deadline looming on voter registration

The deadline to register to vote is just days away
The deadline to register to vote is just days away
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If you haven't registered to vote in next month's General Election you'd better get your skates on.

You must be registered by 11.59pm on tonight (May 22), in order to take part in the June 8 poll.

If you are already registered from previous elections you do not need to register again.

Anyone who has not already registered to vote at their current address can register online at

How does voting work in this election?

Unlike the March Assembly Elections which in which the Single Transferable Vote system was used, the Westminster poll is first-past-the-post.

When voting for the candidate you would like to see represent you in the House of Commons, put a cross (X) next to their name on the ballot paper.

Ballot papers are then counted and the candidate who has received the most votes is elected to represent the constituency.