Get ‘Stitched Up’ at Market Place

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The Market Place Theatre in Armagh is set to host an entertaining satirical drama about the current crisis within the NHS.

‘Stitched Up’ tells the story of Aidan, an NHS surgeon, who is fighting to clear his name aftern an operation has gone wrong. His wife, Kate, a peace-facilitator, is meanwhile preoccupied with her own campaign to remove the peace walls around Belfast and ‘meeting Bono’. Her obsession with shoes means she thinks Aidan should leave the NHS and make lots more money privately.

One night, when Aidan is alone in his Malone Road house, a young visitor stumbles in. Ruari’s arrival wreaks havoc in Aidan and Kate’s lives, making them question their morality and social views. In the big battle between health and wealth, who should Aidan help - and at what price?

‘Stitched Up’ will be staged at Armagh’s Market Place Theatre on Friday 6 March at 8pm. Tickets can be booked on 028 37521821 or online at