Good news on lighting upgrades

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Transport NI appears to have seen the light over streetlighting in parts of Lurgan and Gilford.

Residents protested the quality of the newly installed LED lights, which have been a source of controversy since their introduction.

Sinn Féin MLA Catherine Seeley welcomed the decision by Transport NI to upgrade the LED street lighting in the Ashwood and Oakridge areas of Taghnevan.

Ms Seeley said: “Many residents have been in contact with Sinn Féin regarding inadequate street lighting in these and in other areas. Following our representations to Transport NI they agreed to carry out a review of the areas impacted and have thankfully decided to upgrade the lighting to the required standard.

She went on to say: “Sinn Féin representatives have been successful in securing improvements to these new lights in many areas. We would encourage anyone with concerns about the new LED lights to contact us immediately, through our constituency office or by telephone: 028 3834 9675 and representations will be made on their behalf.”

Ulster Unionist Councillor Glenn Barr said this week he had successfully lobbied Transport NI on behalf of “unhappy” Gilford residents.

“I had received a number of complaints that the recently installed eco lights were too dim,” he said. “I have lobbied extensively and recently met with the officer in charge of street lighting.”

According to Mr Barr, he had lobbied about lighting at Woodlands in Gilford: “I hope these adjustments are satisfactory to the local residents. Indeed, after they are adjusted, I will be following up to make sure they are up to standard.

“If there are any other areas that residents feel need adjusting please don’t hesitate to contact me on 077 1339 1927 or via Facebook.”

In Laurencetown, meanwhile, some residents protested about the new lights to Sinn Fein MLA John O’Dowd, who this week welcomed confirmation that Transport NI was to upgrade lighting at Church View. He added: “Following representation made to me by residents about the quality of lighting in the area I contacted Transport NI. They have agreed the lighting in the area does not meet recognised standards and they will now take action to upgrade it.

“There have been concerns raised by residents in several areas about the quality of the new LED lights. However, we have been successful in many areas in having lighting improved after approaching Transport NI. Anyone with concerns should contact our office on, 3834 9675 and we will make representations.”