Handed over a small bag of cannabis

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During a period of deferment a 28-year-old man ‘kept his end of the bargain’ and stayed out of trouble, Craigavon Magistrates Court heard last Wednesday.

Wayne Gordon Donaldson, Ulsterville Park, Portadown, had admitted unlawful possession of a class B drug, herbal cannabis, on February 18 this year.

The court heard that at 10.25pm at Ulsterville Park he handed over a small bag of herbal cannabis, which was valued at £20, to police.

Sentence had been deferred and an addendum probation court was available.

A solicitor representing Donaldson said his client had ‘held up his end of the bargain’ and not come to police attention in the deferred period. He added the defendant had declared himself for treatment and drugs counselling.

He was given a two month prison sentence, suspended for two years.