Have you seen much-loved missing Alfie?

Missing Min Pin Alfie
Missing Min Pin Alfie

Have you seen Alfie?

Alfie is a six- year-old Min Pin (miniature Pinscher) and his family is anxious to trace him after he ran off in the Gilford area.

Owner Jackie Kidd described Alfie as being mostly black in colour with a little tan . He was wearing a brown collar at the time he went missing.

“He’s rather timid of people but eats anything and we’re hoping the hunger will have brought him close to someone,” she said.

Jackie said that Alfie pulled off his lead while being walked and ran away.

“He was chased up Hunter’s Hill in Gilford (just past the Spar) until Pattersons Oil and at that point he darted off across a field and was never seen again.

“Pinschers can go for miles as they’re built like a gazelle, so he could have made his way anywhere.”

Jackie said she and other family members are trying to spread the word everywhere they can to try to track down the much-loved pet.

“We’ve also put it across Facebook as we are desperate to get him home,” she said.

If you think that you might have seen Alfie then please contact Jackie on:07711612123 or jacqueline.kidd@virgin.net