Helmets saved our lives says injured sister

Oonagh and Fiona Murphy
Oonagh and Fiona Murphy

Helmets saved the lives of two young sisters who were badly injured during a hit and run incident near Portadown.

Fiona (25) and Oonagh Murphy (28) were cycling less than a mile from Scotch Street when a dark coloured car came driving past and hit Oonagh sending her flying off her bike.

Oonagh, who is a young doctor and due to start work at Craigavon Hospital soon, was badly injured.

Fiona told the TIMES: “We were cycling at around 20mph when the car drove up.”

Fiona believes the car, which was trying to overtake, hit Oonagh and the crash was so severe the wing mirror of the dark coloured vehicle came off and there may be damage to the side of the car.

Both girls came crashing to the ground during the incident which happened at around 7.45pm on Saturday evening.

Everybody is just hoping that Oonagh gets a bit better

Fiona Murphy

Fiona was also injured in the collision.

“It slowed down for half a second then sped off,” she said.

The sisters, who live and grew up in Portadown, were taken to hospital - the same hospital Oonagh was due to start work in.

“It was horrible. When you see someone lying on the ground with blood on their face,” said Fiona, who was obviously worried about her sister’s injuries.

Fiona, who works at Ferguson Environmental Services in Carn, said after the incident other cars stopped to help.

“Everyone around us was great,” said the 25-year-old, who added that the sisters were full of praise for the emergency crews and hospital staff for their help.

However medical staff have told Oonagh that it could take several months for her to fully recover. “I have cuts and bruises and I’m a wee bit sore but Oonagh is bad enough - she must have landed on her face,” Fiona said.

Fiona explained that Oonagh has internal fractures in her face and suffered a dislocated shoulder, chipped bone in her shoulder and has problems with her hands.

“She is bad enough,” said Fiona, who added that Oonagh left hospital on Wednesday.

“The helmets saved our lives. Both have great big dents in them,” she added.

“Everybody is just hoping that Oonagh gets a bit better. I just get a bit upset thinking about her.”

It is understood the car’s left mirror broke off and the vehicle may have been left with dents on the bonnet and side door.

Both girls are members of the local TUNA triathlon club and were wearing the club cycling kit at the time of the accident.

Fiona revealed that they had been training for a triathalon in Athlone but that will have to be put on hold.

Fiona said of her sister: “She is very positive. It could have been worse.”

Police appealed for anyone with information to contact them on 101 using the reference number 1147270615, or anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.