Highlighting perils of teatime accidents

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With teatime the peak time for childhood accidents in the home, the Southern Trust is running a campaign next week to highlight the risks.

A workshop was also held recently for staff, local SureStart and childcare groups to provide an update on the most recent hazards and trends in childhood accidents.

Funded by the Public Health Agency and delivered by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, the workshop highlighted the fact that although accidents can occur very quickly in any home, teatime can be a key time.

A spokesperson said, “It is one of the busiest periods of the day, when parents’ attention can be spread across a multitude of tasks such as making dinner, helping with homework, dealing with demands for attention from children as well as the usual bath and the bedtime routine.”

Delegates were given a copy of a booklet which provides information and ideas for any organisation to promote the ‘Teatime Terrors’ campaign.

“These delegates are now in a position to organise their own Child Safety Week awareness events for children, parents and families, highlighting child safety and common hazards facing babies and children at home, particularly at teatime,” said Nina Daly, the Southern Trust’s accident prevention officer.