Hit woman on head with Buckfast bottle


After calling a female a slut a 20-year-old man hit her on the head with a Buckfast bottle and kicked her while she was on the ground.

Andrew Gray, Oaktree Manor, Waringstown, was sentenced to three months in custody last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

In his absence at a previous court he was convicted on two common assaults on two different female victims.

The court heard that around 1am on July 20 this year the injured party claimed she had been assaulted outside shops in Main Street, Waringstown.

She claimed that Gray had called her a slut and she slapped him slightly on the side of the face.

She added that he struck her on the side of the face and then she felt a bump on her head and believed he had struck her with a bottle of Buckfast.

When she fell to the ground he hit her twice to the head and kicked her three times, causing bruising.

Another female went to help her and Gray struck her on the right hand side of her face.

When he was later interviewed the defendant claimed he only pushed the first injured party away after she had punched him five times to the face.

They all had been in the same company that night and were known to each other.

A public prosecutor said the case was listed for a contest and the injured parties did attend at the court.

He added that Gray did not attend and he was convicted on the evidence contained in prosecution papers.

District Judge, Mrs Bernie Kelly, sentenced Gray to three months in custody for each offence.