Hospital roundabout work is welcomed

Arnold Hatch at the Craigavon Hospital roundabout.
Arnold Hatch at the Craigavon Hospital roundabout.

Alderman Arnold Hatch has welcomed the start of work this week to tidy up and replant the roundabout at Craigavon Area Hospital.

The Ulster Unionist office in Bridge Street raised the issue of flooding at lack of maintenance at the beginning of May and Mr Hatch said “at last something is being done about it”.

“Right up to May 24 the roundabout gave a very bad impression to people visiting the hospital,” added Mr Hatch.

“This is an area hospital with acute services and therefore people are travelling from a wide area.

“ Compare this roundabout to the one at the entrance to the Causeway Hospital in Coleraine with its flowers and well maintained borders to the Craigavon Area Hospital roundabout neglected and with weeds and mini skips for a welcome,” Alderman Hatch concluded.