‘Incredibly drunk man’ damaged three homes


While walking home after he had been drinking a 31-year-old man caused damage to three houses in a Portadown street, Craigavon Court heard last Friday.

Mindaugas Eidukas of George Street admitted unlawful damage to a door at one house, a window at a second house and a door knocker at a third.

For each of the offences he was fined £100. He was also fined £100 for preventing a meter from registering electricity at George Street.

The court heard that on August 24 police received a report of damage to houses in Coronation Street. They found the defendant just a few minutes from the scene.

A door was damaged and a door knocker was broken.

The meter at his home had been tampered with so that it did not register electricity.

A defence barrister said he was “incredibly drunk” and had no recollection of events. He could offer no explanation for causing the damage.

She added that he had been in constant employment and has a family in Lithuania. This was totally out of character. He was not a man prone to violence