Integrated primary school praised in inspection report

Portadown Integrated PS principal Feargal Magee with some of his pupils and their Weave of Diversity display. INPT49-1505
Portadown Integrated PS principal Feargal Magee with some of his pupils and their Weave of Diversity display. INPT49-1505

The great ethos and relationships at Portadown Integrated Nursery and Primary School were praised in a recent inspection report.

The inspectors visited the school earlier this year and highlighted the excellent work and behaviour of pupils.

“The children are confident and creative. They engage well in the learning process and have taken personal responsibility for contributing to the integrated school ethos and are respectful to others. They display high levels of independence in all aspects of school life. The children have pride in their school and their behaviour is exemplary,” said the report.

“The quality of pastoral care is outstanding. There is a supportive and inclusive ethos throughout the school and all the staff are committed to the children’s wellbeing and their personal, social and emotional development. The children’s achievements are celebrated with many examples of their work displayed throughout the school and nursery unit. The children develop an enthusiasm for learning and high levels of self-esteem and confidence. “

The inspectors also praised the quality of the learning and teaching, which they said ranged from “good to outstanding”. It continued, “There is a close match in the planned learning to the needs of individual children.”

The staff in the nursery unit were praised for planning a “stimulating programme that provides appropriate breadth and balance for the children”.

It continued, “In the primary classes, the teachers’ planning is comprehensive and provides clear guidance for their work with the children.

“The children’s communication skills are very good. As they progress through the school, they develop very good reading skills across the curriculum. The children are articulate and demonstrate high levels of confidence in their interactions with adults and their peers.

“Clear priority is given to developing the children’s skills in talking and listening, reading and writing. A particular strength of the best practice teaching is the quality of the interaction which sustains the children’s interest and involvement in the learning process.”

Leadership at the school was praised with inspectors saying management have a “strategic vision for school improvement underpinned by a child-friendly rights respecting integrated ethos. The activities (afterschool) provided through the deployment of the staff are effectively extending the children’s learning opportunities”.

Mr Feargal Magee, the principal, said he was delighted with the outcome of the recent inspection. “It is testament to the hard work of the pupils, staff and governors in the school.” he said.