Internet hoaxers make mischief with flags

The hoax Facebook page.
The hoax Facebook page.

The flags issue has raised its head again in town, with hoax Facebook pages being used to make mischief on the social networking site.

Portadown Town Hall and Portadown town centre are two of the public profiles on Facebook that have been duplicated and modified to include an Irish tricolour as a profile picture.

It means that anyone ‘checking in’ at one of these locations will have the image of the green, white and orange of the Republic of Ireland displayed on their home page for their Facebook friends to see.

According to the hoax page for Portadown centre the picture of the Irish tricolour was ‘contributed by Nelson B Causeland’ listed as a ‘Provo from Utah’.

Craigavon Councillor and DUP group leader Councillor Carla Lockhart has hit out at Facebook users who have constructed the hoax pages.

She said, “This came to light when a constituent raised the issue with me at the weekend.

“A tricolour has been placed in the profile picture of ‘Portadown Town Hall’, ‘Portadown Town Centre’ and ‘Banbridge Swimming Pool’ - two public venues and a town centre which are tagged in many profiles.

“This is totally irresponsible and if someone thinks this is furthering a cause then they seriously need a reality check.”

She added, “This is offensive as both facilities are shared spaces owned by council and ultimately by all the ratepayers. Both the town hall and the swimming pool are used by people from all communities as is the town centre and it is most offensive to the community that I am elected to represent that the Irish tricolour is the picture that is being used to promote these facilities.

“I have reported it to Facebook and am liaising with council to endeavour to have this matter dealt with immediately.

“These people need to realise this type of activity is unacceptable and extremely irresponsible.

“At a time of heightened tension around flags and the fact that this is not the flag of this country this is totally unacceptable and must be dealt with as soon as possible.”