Irwin calls on his supporters to back ‘agreed unionist’ Kennedy

DUP MLA William Irwin
DUP MLA William Irwin

The DUP’s William Irwin said the Westminster electoral pact that will see Ulster Unionist Danny Kennedy running as the only unionist candidate in the constituency makes sense.

The MLA will stand aside as part of the deal and called on his supporters to back the “agreed unionist candidate” and unseat Sinn Fein incumbent Conor Murphy.

He said, “There is far more which unites unionism than divides us and agreed candidates are a demonstration of that.

“The people of Newry and Armagh currently have an absentee MP who receives parliamentary allowances yet does not turn up to parliament to do the work of an MP. Sinn Fein take the pay but stay away.

“The desire to elect someone who will actually do the job they are paid for is something which should unite not just unionists, but many people right across the community.

“I know that those who would normally give their loyal support to the DUP will, in this circumstance, back the agreed unionist candidate in order to give this constituency representation.”