Irwin’s Bakery strike postponed

Irwin's Bakery in Portadown  Photo by Google
Irwin's Bakery in Portadown Photo by Google

A seven day strike, voted for by workers at a Portadown bakery, has been postponed for six days.

The reprieve came after intensive talks over the past week at Irwin’s Bakery.

Laura Graham, Regional Officer of the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union said: “The planned Industrial Action due to commence on Wednesday, September 26 has been postponed for six days to facilitate a ballot of our members on a updated offer by the company.

“We are pleased to report the complete removal of any Terms & Conditions of Employment that had been part of the previous offer, which was the removal of Company Sick Pay and a move from weekly to monthly pay. A percentage offer has been tabled along with a full day’s holiday to be taken within the pay award (Aug 18-Jul 19).

“The representatives of this site have worked exceptionally hard to secure a deal that does not further attack hard fought for T&Cs.”

Chief Executive Irwin’s Bakery, Michael Murphy said the firm has been in close liaison with the union with the aim of resolving a query, brought by 42 union members of the workforce.

He added: “With 330 employees, we are committed to ensuring employees are recognised and rewarded fairly - and we hope union members will recognise Irwin’s commitment to working with them. A revised offer has been tabled and I am hopeful we can reach an agreement.”