Irwin’s sign Tesco deal

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Irwin’s Bakery has secured a contract to extend its successful ‘Irwin’s Freshly Baked’ table bread range across 25 Tesco stores in Northern Ireland including Tesco Lurgan and Craigavon.

The Irwin’s ‘Freshly Baked’ range, which is available to consumers from a self-service bakery table in store, will now feature 11 new products - wheaten, treacle and fruit sides, plain, chocolate and lemon Madeira cake, malted and white sub rolls and strawberry shortcake, chocolate and honey and raisin biscuits.

The new products will add to the existing Irwin’s table bread range, which includes traditional Northern Ireland favourites such as fruit soda, fruit loaf and the iconic Belfast baps.

Sandra Weir, Fresh Food Buyer with Tesco NI, said, “We are delighted to work with Northern Ireland’s best loved bakery to bring more traditional hand-crafted breads and cakes to customers in many of our stores.

“The Freshly Baked range, which now features 20 products, is delivered from Irwin’s to Tesco every day and includes several iconic products.”

“The range is made by a handful of our bakers in a bespoke artisan area of the bakery”, said Stefan Szymura, account manager with Irwin’s Bakery. “Very little machinery is used and all the products are hand-finished. We launched the Irwin’s ‘Freshly Baked’ table bread range exclusively with Tesco in 2012. Since then demand has grown and we have extended the range to include new products, which include wheaten, treacle and fruit sides - traditional Irish bread, similar in shape to a soda farl. We are delighted to continue to work in partnership with Tesco to bring consumers a range of authentic Irish breads that they can hand pick from a selection in store.”

The Irwin’s ‘Freshly Baked’ table bread range is available in selected Tesco stores.