July the coldest in 22 years

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July was the coldest for 22 years, and duller and wetter than average, according to statistics released by the Armagh Observatory.

The mean monthly temperature was 14.3 degrees Celsius, approximately 1.4 degrees C colder than the most recent 30-year (1981-2010) average July temperature at Armagh, which is 15.7 C.

July 2015 was also duller than average, with a recorded 117.7 hours of strong sunshine at Armagh. This is approximately 86 per cent of the most recent 30-year (1981-2010) average number of hours of strong sunshine in July at Armagh. This was the dullest July for three years, that is, since July 2012.

The sunniest day was July 3, with 11.3 hours of strong sunshine.

Total precipitation for the month was 78.9 mm, which is approximately 26 per cent more rainfall than the most recent 30-year average July precipitation at Armagh.