Kelly criticises DUP and Sinn

Dolores Kelly
Dolores Kelly
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SDLP Westminster candidate, Dolores Kelly, has accused the DUP and Sinn Féin of turning the election into a ‘sectarian headcount’ to ‘continue the sham fight we have to endure on a daily basis’:

“They have divvied out the Social Investment Fund to consolidate each other’s base, rather than dealing in a non-discriminatory way with all applications on the basis of genuine need. A perfect example is the granting of £98,000 to Corcrain Orange Hall. Far from fighting the Tory cuts, Minister O’Dowd has taken £2m out of the early years’ fund - with devastating effect on young families - and is cutting 1500 jobs in the education sector.

“Voters should judge parties on their actions, not their words. By voting SDLP, you’ll send a clear message to those parties that you want no more of it.”