Kicked a hole in the wall at area hospital

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After kicking a large hole in a wall at Craigavon hospital a 25-year-old man spat several times in a police car after he was arrested.

Reuben John Glen, whose address was given as Colban Crescent, Lurgan, admitted three charges when he appeared last Friday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

For criminal damage to the wall he was sentenced to four months in prison and a similar sentence was imposed for criminal damage to the police car.

As well he was sentenced to three months for disorderly behaviour.

A consecutive period of four months was imposed for breaching a probation order, making a total of eight months in custody.

All the sentences were suspended for two years and Glen was ordered to pay £136 compensation for the damage he caused.

The court heard that on June 6 police were tasked to Craigavon Area Hospital where the defendant was causing a disturbance.

Glen was being restrained by hospital staff after he had kicked a large hole in a wall.

On his way to the police station he spat a number of times in the car and punched the head rest.

It cost £66 to repair the damage at the hospital and £70 to clean the police car.

Glen accepted he had been agitated and aggressive in the hospital.

The defendant had been convicted of breaching a non molestation order on October 10 last year and given a probation order but had breached that order.

A barrister representing the defendant said he had been taken into custody in November last year and released on June 5 this year and didn’t have the opportunity to avail of the probation order.

She explained that Glen had completed a course at Shimna House and had not breached his bail or re-offended.

The barrister added that her client was at the hospital legitimately.

He had been released from prison the day before when he got his benefits but was robbed.

She said Glen was the victim of a crime and had been taken to the hospital.

He was unable to see his GP to get his medication.

The lawyer added that the defendant was a man with an alcohol and drug problem and asked the court to consider leaving something hanging over him.

She explained that the breach of the non molestation order was with his mother but that was now discharged, their relationship had healed and she was providing daily support for her son.