Lights issue is taken up with DRD minister

New LED streetlights, Waringstown. INLM2015-401
New LED streetlights, Waringstown. INLM2015-401

Concerns over the new LED street lighting which has appeared across the area are to be raised with the DRD Minister.

ABC Councillor Carla Lockhart has joined with residents in their angry reaction at the installation of the new lighting.

Cllr Lockhart stated, “Our elderly folks are quite frankly living in fear, our children are at risk and residents fear for their safety in these dark winter nights due to the darkness of their residential area.

“I have been a Cllr for nine years, and I believe this to be one issues that I have received the most lobbying on. When I was asked to visited the developments where the new lighting has been installed I was simply taken back by the darkness families and elderly people are living in as a result of this change in lighting.

“I appreciate that we live in a society that must be more pro active in terms of saving money and protecting our environment, but sacrificing the safety of home owners is a price too high. Residents rightly so are shocked, irate and disappointed that their rates have been used to install lighting that is not sufficient and leaves the area ripe for criminal activity on their doorsteps.”

“The previous DRD Minister, Mr Kennedy, approved a scheme that is failing residents and lacks any grounds for justification. Serious questions need answered. I have made representation to our new DRD Minister and I trust that a satisfactory conclusion can be negotiated at the earliest opportunity. Unfortunately we are in a position were money has been spent on this scheme without consultation and therefore it is difficult to try and achieve an outcome that is acceptable to the vast majority of people however, I have no doubt that Minister McIlveen will do everything in her power to assist.”