Little Leo’s Coffee Morning

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The mother of a little boy who died from Meningitis aged just two years old is hosting a special charity Coffee Morning.

Donaghcloney mum Lana Wells was heartbroken when her son Leo took ill suddenly and died with 27 hours of being diagnosed with Meningococcal Septicaemia.

Little Leo was just two years and five months old when he passed away in March 2010.

“We’d been to a mum and toddler’s group that day and a while later he developed a sore tummy.

“I brought him to the doctor who said it was tonsillitis and a tummy bug.

“At home we got him settled for bed, but during the night he woke at three o’clock thirsty and wanting water.

“The fact he woke was a miracle, because it was then that I noticed the rash on his body. If he hadn’t woken we wouldn’t have discovered it until next morning.

“I dialled 999 and Leo was rushed straight away to Craigavon Area Hospital where the diagnosis was confirmed - this was at about 9.30am.

“From there he was rushed to the Royal Victoria Hospital where we were told that Leo was a very sick little boy.

“That day Leo was put into a drug induced coma, and we could see how hard he was fighting just to keep breathing. At around midnight that night a nurse commented that Leo was ‘a real fighter’ but at 3am there was a knock at the door of the parent visitor’s room and we were asked to come. He died at 5am on my knee.”

“I would say to any parent that as soon as you see a rash, get help straight away. I did the tumbler test on Leo, but really I didn’t need to because I knew exactly what it was.

“There are several symptoms you are warned to look out for, but other than his sore tummy and tonsillitis Leo only had the rash, so don’t wait for other symptoms to appear. Even if it is only a rash - get help immediately.”

However Lana still works tirelessly to help raise funds for Meningitis NOW.

She will be hosting Leo’s Coffee Morning is to be held at Hill St Presbyterian Church Hall in Lurgan on Saturday, October 24, between 9.30am to 1pm. There will be raffles with great prizes.

The event will be hosted by the founder of Meningitis NOW Steve Dayman and Upper Bann MLA Jo-Anne Dobson. All proceeds will go to Meningitis NOW.