Loughgall residents in speeding fear after child incident

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Speed bumps are being called for in Loughgall after an incident in which a three-year-old child was reportedly swept off his tricycle by a speeding lorry.

The near-accident happened in the summer but residents say there have been other speeding incidents in the village and they fear someone could be killed.

Alderman Arnold Hatch has approached the local PSNI Inspector requesting a meeting to discuss the possibility of fitting speed ramps in the main street.

Councillor Julie Flaherty, chairperson of the local PCSP, said the resident who reported the lorry incident had to “rescue the traumatised child off the road before another vehicle came along”.

She added, “There is a primary school and church at one end of the village and a number of facilities and shops at the other and something needs to be done for the safety of everyone before someone is killed.”