‘Lucky escape’ as lorries collide


Those involved in a crash this morning (Thursday) at Markethill between two lorries were lucky to escape with just minor injuries, local councillor Gareth Wilson has said.

Mr Wilson said people living nearby also had a narrow escape as one of the lorries came to rest just inches from the houses.

Gareth Wilson  and the wreckage of one of the lorries. INPT03-015

Gareth Wilson and the wreckage of one of the lorries. INPT03-015

The crash took place at the junction of Newry Street and the Armagh/Newry Road, and involved an articulated lorry and a rigid cattle lorry.

Mr Wilson, who was on the scene shortly afterwards, said he was told by members of the Fire and Rescue Service that the sun was particularly strong and low in the sky at that point.

He said, “Visiting the scene and seeing the destruction to the articulated lorry cab and the cattle lorry on its side, really was a shocking sight.

“Thankfully that sense of dread was somewhat helped by learning from police at the scene that miraculously all those involved sustained only minor injuries.”

He added, “It really is incredible that we are not dealing with fatalities and also the concerning fact that a lorry came to rest literally inches from dwellings,is something that will need to be discussed with Transport NI officials in terms of perhaps introducing some measures to protect homes at this point.

“I am so relieved that no one was killed and with so many fatalities on our roads it is essential that we all take extra care especially in conditions where we have strong, low-level sun shine in the mornings and on minor roads the obvious risk of ice.”