Lurgan charity worker honoured

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A retired electrical contractor from Lurgan has been honoured in the New Years Honours list with a MBE for his many years of charitable work both here and in remote spots around the world.

Alan Little, who will be 80 in March, started out in business over 50 years ago. He has created many jobs in the local community through his own hard work and has also committed himself to helping communities in need in other parts of the world.

He has been an inspiration to all he meets and a real gentleman to work with according to staff of Little Electrical Engineers Ltd, Little Engineering Products Ltd and Alana Interiors Ltd.

Still reeling from the shock of opening the envelope and seeing that he was being awarded an MBE for his charity work Alan said: “I nearly collapsed when I opened the letter, marked strictly confidential, after it dropped through the letter box. I never would have expected it. I’ve have always been driven to help others and that was my motivation for carrying out all the work I have done over the years in places as far away as Africa, Romania, Russia and Moldova.

Alan has worked for a variety of charitable organisations which have financed work and supplied materials in countries that were in dire straits, among them Sierra Leone and Senegal. Alan said: “It is sad to see the way the people have to live in these countries. I have always enjoyed helping people and all my work has been done with this intention.”