Lurgan clinic gets a make over by the local Trust

Members of staff who helped with the refurbishments.
Members of staff who helped with the refurbishments.

Lurgan Clinic, which specialises in intravenous treatments, has been given a make over by the Trust.

The service helps patients who need IV treatments for prolonged periods and the unit was in much need of refurbishment.

Situated at Lurgan Health and Social Service Centre at Lurgan Hospital, the unit maintains Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICC) lines for patients receiving intravenous treatments.

“PICC lines are a much more comfortable option for our patients who receive IV treatments for prolonged periods of time such as long chemotherapy regimens, extended antibiotic therapy, or total parenteral nutrition,” said a spokesperson for the Southern Health and Social Services Trust.

“With an increase of people needing PICC lines, the Lurgan District Nursing team set up a clinic and new appointment system to ensure patients don’t have lengthy waits at clinics and which makes a better use of nursing time.”

The refurbishment included painting the walls, a new treatment chair, new floor, sink and a consultation section.

Katrina Loughran, District Nursing Team Leader says “such a small amount of work and investment has made such a big difference for patients and staff’.

“The refurbished clinic has made patients feel more relaxed when coming in for treatment.

“The more modern, spacious and bright space has been a very welcome improvement on our working environment.”

For more information please contact the District Nursing Team on 028 3831 1000