Make most of your festive food


Many of us buy and cook more than we need during the festive period. Given that wasted food costs the average family with children up to £60 per month, saving this money is especially important in the run up to Christmas.

This year, it doesn’t have to hit your pocket – have a jolly good well-planned, money-saving Christmas with these useful tips and make the most of all your festive foods.

Be the ultimate party planner – plan your meals and write out your shopping list to avoid impulse buying.

Perfect portions: count out appropriate portion sizes for everyone at dinner to reduce the risk of cooking too much. Log onto and try the perfect portion planner to help you calculate your meals this Christmas.

Check your dates: When doing your shopping, be sure to check the date labels to ensure you are getting the maximum lifespan from your products. ‘Best Before’ is a quality label as flavour or colour may change after this time, whereas ‘Use By’ is a safety label and the item should not be eaten after this date.

If you buy too much of something, or know you may not get through it all, freeze it - the freezer provides the answer to many of our food waste problems and you’d be surprised at what you can store away! has loads of tips to help you freeze and defrost loads of foods safely!

Lovely leftovers: Use your leftovers to make delicious new recipes with a brand new selection of Christmas themed recipes focusing especially on the festive and party season, so have a browse on to discover what handy leftover recipes you can keep up your sleeve for unexpected guests or lazy lunches!

A huge number of us have already begun to made changes to the way we shop, prepare, store and use food, to reduce how much is thrown away from our homes but there’s no reason to let these good habits slip over Christmas!