Man burned word into door of prison cell


Just a few days after being released from prison a 21-year-old man was given a suspended sentence for a ‘remarkably foolish’ offence.

Ryan Pepper, Westland Road, Portadown, admitted damaging a holding cell belonging to the Northern Ireland Court Service on November 26 last year.

He was sentenced to three months in prison, suspended for 12 months, and ordered to pay compensation of £11.22 for the damage he caused.

The court heard Pepper had been arrested at Craigavon court on an outstanding warrant and placed in a cell.

When the cell was inspected later a word had been burned into the upper part of the door along with the letter ‘P’. The cell has just been painted that morning.

Mr Gabriel Ingram, representing the defendant, said Pepper had just been released from prison on Tuesday.

He said that it was unfortunate that this matter could not have been dealt with at the same time as the other cases.

District Judge, Mr Mervyn Bates, said it was a ‘remarkably foolish’ offence because Pepper could be identified by what he had written in the cell.