Man crashed into the rear of car


When children ran out in front of the vehicle ahead of him a 33-year-old man was driving too close and crashed into the rear of the car.

Omar Iqbal, Cedar Park, Bleary, was fined £100 last Friday at Craigavon Court for driving without due care and attention on June 12 last year.

He was also given three penalty points.

He was driving his van along Dunbarton Street in Gilford behind the injured party’s vehicle.

A number of children ran out in front of the injured party who braked sharply. Iqbal was unable to stop in time and collided with the rear of the other vehicle.

There was moderate damage to the injured party’s vehicle but substantial damage to the defendant’s vehicle.

Iqbal, who pleaded guilty himself in court, said he was coming back home.

District Judge, Mr Sean O’Hare, told him he was too close to the car in front.