Man failed to pay three times at pumps after filling his car


Three times after putting fuel in a vehicle a Portadown man said he had forgotten his wallet and would return later to pay, Craigavon Magistrates Court heard last Friday.

He was 39-year-old David Maurice Fulton, Union Street, Portadown, and he admitted three theft offences.

Fulton pleaded guilty to the theft of petrol valued at £20 from the Spar filling station, Armagh Road, Portadown, on September 28, 2013, and the theft of £25 worth of petrol on September 18, 2013, and £10 of diesel on December 6, 2013, from Litters garage, Dungannon Road, Portadown.

For each offence he was given a conditional discharge for 18 months and ordered to pay £35 compensation.

He also admitted driving without insurance on September 18 and September 28 and for each offence he was fined £100 and banned for six months.

The court heard that on September 20, 2013, police received a report from Litters garage that two days previously a man had put £25 worth of fuel into his vehicle.

He then went into the store and said he had left his wallet at work, gave his name and said he would return but he failed to come back and pay.

On September 28 at the Spar station the defendant put £20 in the same vehicle and again claimed he had forgotten his wallet and gave his name. Later he did return and pay the £20.

On December 6 he stole £10 worth of diesel from Litters garage. Again he told staff he would pay and left a tax disc with them. The money was never paid.

Records showed he was not insured for the vehicle he was driving on September 18 and September 28.

Fulton said he believed he was covered by traders’ insurance.

A barrister representing the defendant said he had worked on a casual basis with a mechanic in the Craigavon area who had traders’ insurance however he needed the prior permission of the person who had the insurance.

District Judge, Mr George Conner, said this was ‘not terribly sophisticated’ but Fulton had left a ‘very black mark’ against his name.