Man in accident warning as grass remains uncut

The uncut grass at Bridgeford Meadows. INPT33-219.
The uncut grass at Bridgeford Meadows. INPT33-219.

A resident of Bridgeford Meadows has warned that children’s lives are being put at risk due to the lack of play facilities.

The father of two says a meadow at the front of the estate would make an ideal play area but that it is not maintained and is now “five feet high with weeds and dirt”.

He said, “My children are a bit older now but there are a lot of young children on the main road thoroughfare of the estate playing football and toddlers running up and down, meaning they are at risk from traffic emerging from houses.

“I was driving the other day and I nearly ran over a wee girl. It’s only a matter of time before there is an accident.”

He added, “I have seen the grass being cut at Huntingdon Lodge and the Olde Golf Links so I phoned the council and they said it was not their land.

“I haven’t been able to find out who is responsible for cutting it. It’s too long for an ordinary mower.

“If there were a few of us I would be happy to pay something towards having it maintained, but a lot of the houses are leased and people aren’t interested.

“The meadow needs to be cut as it’s the only green area of the estate where kids can be safe and play.”

A spokesperson for Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council said the land is privately owned and the council does not cut the grass there.

Councillor Robert Smith said he had been aware of the situation at Bridgeford Meadows over the past number of years. He explained, “As far as I am aware, the developer went into liquidation and the land is either owned by the bank or private landlords.

“I have been contacted by residents and I am aware that for the people in the houses facing onto it, especially, it is very unsightly.

“The council did come in and cut it a few years ago, at my request, but then the policy came in where they only cut the arterial routes coming into town.

“There are other developments in this situation and I know in some cases the residents have clubbed together and bought a lawnmower and cut it themselves.

“It is difficult in developments where there are a lot of private rented properties and I know that this type of situation has been a problem in other areas as well.”