Man is jailed for hospital incident

Craigavon Courthouse
Craigavon Courthouse

A 34-year-old man who ‘went mad’ in a hospital ward and threw furniture about a communal area was jailed for three months last Friday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

Mark Anthony John McEntee, no fixed abode, appeared in court by way of videolink from Maghaberry prison.

He admitted common assault and criminal damage to chairs and window belonging to the Southern Area Trust in the Cloughmore ward on February 28 this year.

For each offence he was sentenced to three months in custody with the terms to run concurrently.

The court heard that the defendant had ‘lost the run of himself’ and assaulted a female. No injuries were caused.

McEntee ‘went mad’ and started throwing furniture around.

The victim said the defendant threatened her and she feared he was going to assault her. He threw furniture around the communal area.

When interviewed by police McEntee accepted what he had done and was contrite and apologised.

Defence solicitor Siun Downey said her client had been in the Bluestone unit for the last year and a half with mental health difficulties and on this occasion had lost the run of himself.

District Judge, Mrs Bernie Kelly, said she thought that people who behaved badly in a hospital should be put on a banned list.

She added that when the victim meets someone who she thinks may act like the defendant she would be ‘scared witless’ for the rest of her working life.

“He wanted to vent his frustration but if it had been a 22 stone six foot seven inch man he would not have bothered, “ said the judge. “But it was a diminutive female and he thought he could take advantage.”

She told McEntee: “You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.”

He replied: “I am your honour. I just had a bad morning. I had no intention of harming anybody.”

“If I was the head of the GMC I would have you on a banned list,” said Judge Kelly.

She gave him credit for his plea of guilty and the fact he had been in custody since February 24 but said the offences were so serious there was only one penalty she could impose.

“If you ever behave like this again in any medical facility I am going to send you to prison for as long as I possibly can,” the judge told McEntee.